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Cargo transportations with the passenger flight Ulyanovsk Tel-Aviv are provided through the Ulyanovsk-Vostochny International airport.

-45 USD (minimal tariff)
N -1,9 USD
300 -1.5 USD
800 -1 USD

The argo terminal operates at the airport base, handling any cargo including high-dimensional. Total space of the storing area:

  • Heated warehouses: 500 sq m
  • Sheltered store yards: 10.000 sq m
  • Temporal Storage Warehouse 216 sq m, V=1000 sq m

The customs broker is the ROSTEK-Ulyanovsk state associated company, license No 10400/0087 of December 27, 2002.

Terminal capacity 150 t per day

The airport offers the following services:

  • Selecting carriers to deliver freight;
  • Operations with mail and cargo including dangerous cargo of the following types and categories: 1.3.; 1.4.; 2.1; 2.2; 3; 4.1; 5; 6; 7 (except divisible nuclear materials); 8 and 9
  • Cargo acceptance and giving out;
  • Cargo customs examination;
  • Temporal storage cargo, except the dangerous cargo, its completing and uncompleting;
  • Cargo delivery from the cargo storage place to the aircraft and vice versa;
  • Cargo loading and unloading;
  • Official registration of transportation and accompanying documents;
  • Airport serves all types aircraft without restriction of their takeoff mass including aircraft AN-124-100 and Boeing-747 of all options.

Well-developed infrastructure of the Ulyanovsk-Vostochny International airport allows to introduce combined cargo delivery methods from door to door and to minimize clients expenses without time and quality loss.

  • Well-developed automobile road system connects the airport with the principal cities of the RF.
  • The largest water territory, the Volga with cargo moorage located nearby the terminal, allows to use the cheapest water transport for cargo delivery at any point of the world.

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